• 2021 Annual Report

    NUCA Animal Welfare

  • About Us


    NUCA Animal Welfare is a non-governmental and non-profit organization, relying exclusively on the work of a team of volunteers, which has been working for 10 years for the benefit of society at large.


    The main goal of our association is to improve the quality of the life of pets in Cluj-Napoca and its surroundings and to stop abandonment. We try to achieve our goal by organizing sterilization and registered microchipping programs to prevent uncontrolled breeding and reduce the number of stray animals, rescuing endangered animals, organizing information and education campaigns, but also through adoptions, counseling for animal lovers and cooperation with the authorities.
    In 2021, together with other animal protection associations in Cluj, we assigned a unique telephone number for sterilization requests.
    The 2015 Nuca project, which turned into a local council decision on the possession and public access of pets in Cluj-Napoca, was once again discussed in order to be amended and our association was part of the task team assigned to do this.

  • What We’ve Accomplished In 2021

    We put a lot of soul in our work which often means sleepless nights, anger, fatigue, tears of sadness, but also immense joy.

    2488 animals

    We’ve set a new record for sterilized dogs and cats, most of them registered, with the help of 4 veterinary clinics from Cluj, Huedin, Beiuş and Sălciua!

    1814 sterilized cats

    Because the life of stray cats is very hard. We focused on stopping the uncontrolled multiplication of the stray cat colonies.

    Over 700 animals

    assisted with veterinary treatments. NUCA covered the costs for the abandoned or community animals and also for those with owners who couldn’t afford to pay.

    Over 150 animals

    were saved from dangerous situations, without any surviving chances. We took them in and placed them in our foster care system.

    170 adoptions

    in families from Romania and abroad, who welcomed their new members with open hearts.

    ~ 15000 people

    helped with guidance or concrete actions in order to save, capture, sterilize or treat animals in distress.

  • Pet Rescue

    Saving an animal will not change the world, but for that animal the world will change forever. We’ve made the difference between life and death for 150 animals. Destinies that would have ended tragically, but which we managed to rewrite with your help.








    He waited 9 years for a family



    170 dogs and cats

    Have now a family who welcomed them with open arms. We wish them fulfilled lives together and we are glad we contributed to their future happiness.

  • Special Cases

    All animals are special, but these ones are a bit „more special”, maybe because they gave us a hard time. Here are some terrifying stories we want to share with you. Fortunately, they all have a happy ending.


    Although she was paralyzed in a car accident, after many expensive operations and treatments, Rita found her perfect family and happiness in England!


    Nessy is lucky to be alive. The fact that he lost both legs is not an obstacle for him and he is now a perfect dog. "Particularly perfect" we would say!


    was brought to us more dead than alive. He underwent several difficult operations followed by a long recovery period. Now he greets us every day with a big smile.


    It seems that not only cars are a danger to cats, but bicycles too, as in the case of Meda. All’s well that ends well, even if she lost an eye!


    Pralina is an expensive cat, both literally and figuratively. When we see her running around the house, we can't believe that she was in danger of losing 3 legs and only a miracle (and a few operations) saved her!


    Atlas taught us what it means to be a fighter and never give up! Although he is blind and half paralyzed, with love and many treatments, Atlas slowly came back to life!

  • A little from here, a little from there, that's how we gather money for another sterilization, for another treatment. Thank you for thinking of the less fortunate animals and helping us to help them.

    Every penny you donate is used to sterilize, treat, transport, or rescue animals with and without owners.

  • Acknowledgements

    We thank those who helped us help

    For the wonderful adoptions, donations and support


    - the adopters and their families;
    - CMC Vet'Humanitaire;
    - Ein Herz fuer Streuner e.V;
    - Freunde von Vierpfotchen e.V. and Gisela Polnik;
    - Miracle's Mission;
    - Other organizations from abroad who donated to the organizations that support us;
    - Cristina Petre, lawyer;
    - All the veterinary clinics we worked with, especially Calvaria, CVS, Dentovet, Echovet, Veterinarius and Vetekinetikus;
    - Happy Pets veterinary clinic;
    - Roxalbio veterinary clinic, Huedin;
    - Zoovet Solutions, Beiuș;
    - Onimat Vet, Salciua;




    For donations and supporting our work


    - The 12 celebrities and the furry friends who posed for our calendar;
    - All those who redirected 3,5% of their income tax;
    - Mrs. Cristina Ghibu;
    - The companies who sponsored our campaigns and events with money or products and to those who redirected their corporate tax;
    - All the companies who helped us with dog and cat food;
    - Accotax accounting company and Meda Loșonți;
    - Nuca fosters and their families;
    - All the photographers, especially Claudiu Guraliuc for the calendar;
    - Raluca Nedelea, dentist
    - Contributing members;

    For donations and support for sterilizations in Huedin


    - The organizers of the events we attended;

    - Media partners and journalists who supported us;

    - everyone in Romania, Germany or other countries who have supported our work by donating money, food, accessories for dogs and cats or items for Nuca’s charity fairs;
    - Ray’s Pet Salon;
    - drivers who got the animals home safe;
    and last, but not least
    - NUCA’s volunteers and NUCA’s sterilization group.